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Produced by the Los Angeles-based artist herself and mixed by Darrell Thorp (Radiohead and Beck) with drum work spearheaded by Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam, Lana Del Rey and Tori Amos), the 12-track album isa blend of quirky pop hooks, soulful melody, and raw grooves. It’s all unified by her unique brand of violin virtuosity, nakedly honest vocals, and poignant lyrics that reflect her passion for social justice and personal soul-searching.

 LILILAND—which will come on the heels of her recent (April) EP release How I Got My Brains Back—features a uniquely arranged rendition of the Led Zeppelin classic “Kashmir” as tribute to the legendary band. Watch the recently released music video for “Kashmirhere. HAYDN performed the song live in 1995 with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at The Forum in Los Angeles and subsequently opened for them on their last U.S. tour.

 LILILAND was written and recorded in the four years following a freak chemical accident in my home, in which the pesticides in the foundation used to prevent termites made me sick, caused brain damage, and forced me to get rid of everything I owned,” says HAYDN. “After trying every therapy around, I finally recovered by way of practicing my violin.”  She adds: “My song ‘How I Got My Brains Back’ starts with a classical melody that helped me get well, and unleashes the healing mayhem of a rock violin concerto.” HAYDN explores this period of her life in a 2012 TEDx TALK which can be viewed here.

LILILANDhas already been embraced by the likes of such esteemed industry producers Steve Lillywhite and Linda Perry, who praised it as “Unique, creative, moving, bold, sonically beautiful and really fucking clever.” See the full quotes below.

 Track Listing For LILILAND:

1. Elephant Trapeze (Welcome to LiliLand)  (ft. Blake Mills)

2. My My Cross the Line (ft. Marvin Etzioni and Itai Disraeli)

3. Sea of Gold

4. Did Your Mama (Teach You How to Share?)

5. Tyrant

6. Kashmir

7. How I Got My Brains Back (inspired by the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto E minor)

8. Intro

9. This is a Moment of Grace

10. God Said

11. Here is the Rose

12. I Am a Man



  "Lili manages to mix Kate Bush with modern influences to make a beautifully unique sound based around her amazing violin skills and soulful voice."--Steve Lillywhite (U2, Dave Matthews)

"Unique, creative, moving, bold, sonically beautiful and really fucking clever.... I love this record for its passion, craftsmanship, & honesty. I would go on this ride again & again & again..."--Linda Perry (Christina Aguilera)

"I really like the spareness of it, and the content…the strong thread of mid-60's Haight-Ashbury aggression and looseness to it all, informed by beat making grooves  (with some classical influence).   All the different feels from Russian folk to Carnival, to Flamenco, to hiphop and beyond.  [Haydn’s] voice sounds really great...dark and rich. I also really like ‘This Is A Moment’...Great programming and movement. Love  ‘I Am A Man,’ and the way it goes into a sort of funeral/gospel song.     ‘Tyrant’ was one of my faves, especially the line about not knowing the cost of freedom until you're free…great!"--David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Lana Del Rey)